Hippie Herb is a Number 1 Legal Smoke blend that Creates Powerful Euphoric Effect! Hippie Herb is an absolutely synthetic-free, potpourri blend, made from plant extracts. Smoking Hippie Herb produces a strong aeuphoric aroma that promotes tranquility, and leaves you at peace with the world and those around you. Order your Hippie Herb as soon as possible - we have great deals on ounce bags, and for a limited time are offering free shipping worldwide. We are very experienced at shipping and do all we can to get you your Hippie Herb order to your door as quickly as possible.


What does Hippie Herb blend contain?
Hippie Herb is made by coating various herbs with strong psychoactive extracts and natural cannabinoids (Not THC, JWH or anything illegal), to produce a totally natural herbal high, that is 100% legal everywhere.

What happens if I inhale Hippie Herb smoke?
Hippie Herb has strong psychoactive properties, do NOT drive or operate machinery. Hippie Herb is only available for sale to Adults 18yo and older. The effects last for 1 hour or more.

Can you ship Hippie Herb to my country?
Yes. We ship worldwide from New Zealand. We currently have happy clients in over 40 countries.

We are sorry, but Hippie Herb is all sold out and won't be available again.

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Hippie Herb Satisfaction Guarantee:
If, in the unlikely event, you are not 100% satisfied with the results of Hippie Herb and don't find it to be the most effective and pleasant smoking herbal blend you have tried you may return it for a full refund.

Hippie herb is a great, it is so relaxing to have some after work, it completely calms me down, its a wonderful product.
- John

Hippie Herb is the first if these types of products that I really enjoy, it is so smooth and puts me in the perfect state of mind, I just cant get enough of it. Its great.
- Barry
I cannot believe that this is legal, it is amazing, I will definitely be buying more in the future
- Barry

I first tried some of this Hippie Herb stuff while at a friend of mines house, and instantly fell in love with it, and now am buying it on a regular basis.
- Shaun
Hippie herb is just fantastic, it makes for a great night out, and even some of my friends are buying it now, knowing that its completely legal, really puts my mind at ease.
- Jessica

"I heard about these products before, but never tried one, until one of my friend offered me some that he had, the Hippie Herb is a great product to use, I just love it!"
- Bazza